Is Sustainable Fashion Finally Sustainable?

******* A discussion on sustainability in the fashion industry*******

After the recognition of the massive role that it plays in greenhouse emissions, river contamination from the toxic manufacturing processes and plastic pollution that it creates, the fashion industry has since seen milestones in reducing its negative impact on the environment. There was the launch of UN Sustainable Fashion Industry Charter for Climate Action in 2018 which has gathered signatories from big players like adidas and H&M who have pledged to reduce significant greenhouse gas emissions from the industry.

On top of that, the tragedy of Rana Plaza collapse in 2013 had put the spotlight on the poor working conditions and exploitation of garment factory workers in Bangladesh and sparked international conversations on the social impact of fashion industry. There has also been soaring demand from consumers for transparency of fashion companies on their suppliers and supply chain policies and practices.

In the last few years, fashion has woken up, or has it? Join The Green Collective SG partner brands "kakis" Muta.wear, twopluso, August Society and aNERDstore as they bust some myths to discuss the current state of sustainability in the fashion scene.

Event schedule:

7:00pm - Introduction of the panelists
7:05pm - Start of the panel discussion
7:30pm - Q&A
7:45pm - End of session

This talk is part of the #kampungchats organised by The Green Collective SG.


Adel is the founder of Muta.wear, derived from the word “transmutation”, an upcycling fashion brand with a zero-waste ethos. Through transforming textile waste into fashion pieces, the brand shows commitment towards creating the meaningful existence of every beloved product.

August Society
Toni started the sustainable swimwear brand August Society not just because of her desire to keep learning but also because she wanted to craft a brand that aligned with her values. As a mother of two, she recognized the significance of the damage to our societies and ecosystems caused by fast fashion and wanted to ensure the best future for all of our children. August Society produces thoughtfully-designed, top quality sustainable swimwear that is ethically made from recycled plastic waste.

twopluso is a contemporary eco fashion label for children and adults founded by Agnes, a mother of two and has background in luxury fashion and entertainment. The brand ethos is to create well designed, comfortable apparel featuring high quality, sustainable fabrics for everyday wear that is not just safe for the ones wearing it, the ones making it but also kind to the environment. twopluso believes that doing good for the environment is the first step we can take towards doing good for ourselves.

aNERDstore is a Singapore-based slow fashion business incorporating the works of Indonesian batik artisans and textile artists. The mission is to preserve the traditional techniques of Batik and tenun as a cultural heritage and sustainable source of income for the artisans in Indonesia. Tony and Hannah (the "NERDs") do this by incorporating the traditional techniques into contemporary fashion that can be worn by modern people of today. Through this journey of creation, NERDs became aware of the current practices of the fashion industry and found the opportunity to make batik better: for the makers, for the wearers, and for the environment. NERDs work with artisans of batik, tenun, and other textile arts as well as seamstresses and clothiers across Java in Indonesia to help hone their skills while systematically encouraging sustainable practices in the long run.

The Organiser:
The Green Collective SG is Singapore's first collective of sustainable brands curated based on the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Housing more than 42 sustainable brands in its Green Kampung, the collective works with a vision to provide sustainable alternatives to everyday products to its community.
Thu Jul 30, 2020
7:00 PM - 7:45 PM SGT
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